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Let's face it, finding the right comedian can be nerve-racking. I know a lot of comedians whose reputations as loose cannons are well deserved. And when they’re not super edgy, they can be too corny.

So…you need a comedian who makes everyone laugh and no one uncomfortable?

Take a look at these clips. If you too think I’m funny, then please write to me on the contact page.

My shows range from PG-13 to a (light) R.

In other words, I can tone it down or crank it up.

And together we’ll create something unexpectedly great.
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Canadian TV #1

Canadian TV #2

Short Jewish Show Clip

Stand Up Comic Does It Clean

If you have been given the task of finding a clean funny comedian; I have found a great one for you. Here is a guy who has worked the stage at Caesar's Palace resorts, written jokes for the TV show: SEINFELD, opened for Bob Hope, Ray Romano, Joan Rivers and Ray Charles; and is now available to do stand-up comedy "live" for your next event! Keith Barany is loaded with funny stand up material that will entertain but not offend your audience. These clips show that clean comedians can be funny too!